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For legal purposes the Walton Theater Selma has issued a press release to clarify previously released information by third party entities. All showings of "Black Panther" movie including the pre-screening are open to the public and hosted exclusively by the Walton Theater Selma in accordance with applicable contract language. The Walton Theater Selma is excited to offer this box office hit here in Selma.  All tickets are sold exclusively from the Walton Theater Selma at www.waltontheaterselma.org  organizations can contact group sales at 334-878-3456 (FILM) to pre-purchase group tickets. You cannot purchase tickets for movies shown at the Walton Theater Selma any where else except at the Walton Theater Selma located at 1000 Selma Ave, Selma AL or online at Walton Theater Selma web page: www.waltontheaterselma.org.

For more information please call the Walton Theater Selma @ 334-878-3456(FILM)
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